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Supernatural boys x Maleficent!Reader Cha. 2- The Past of the Daughter of Moors

-Enjoy this new chapter of the story! Chapter 3 will be updated tomorrow! Watch me, favorite and comment if possible! Brofist!-


-In the previous chapter..-

Did you see that?!" Sam lowers the window, Dean follows his younger brother and they look out and looks up in the sky. "Uh.. See what?" The elder Winchester asked with an eyebrow raised. 

Sam goes out of the car and circle around while look at the sky, "I could've sworn I saw something flying really fast up there!" He explains. "Something flying as in... Birds? Or even airplanes?" Dean jokes as he thought Sam was loosing it.


As I felt something grabbed my right leg, I was about to turn around until it dragged me and turned me upside down. I yelled and my eyes closed shut. I then heard the light switch turned on.

I opened one eye and see a really nice looking young lady. I then open my other eye, she was upside down. Okay, maybe am upside down, but you get the idea, right?

She was standing at by the light switch with her left hand fiddling with and her face, death-glaring at my soul if possible.


We went out seeing ____ crouching, we were going to ask if she was okay until another surprise happened.

A pair of wings and pair of horns appeared on her.

"Woah.." Dean and I said at the same time.


It took Castiel a while before he could speak, "Wait a minute, aren't you the daughter of the powerful and strong in the Moors?" 

It took a minute and a stressful sigh from _____ after Cas figured it out, "I knew someone would knew."

"The daughter of the what now?" Dean asked. "The Moors. A place where I am suppose to live now, like an enchanted forest for fairies like me or mystical creatures. But soon, it was threatened by some knights years ago.." 

"Well, how did Bobby find you?" Sam asked, as they all sat on the roof, watching the stars as ____ started.

"Well, it happened when I was born.." 


It was a night filled with rage and anger_____'s mother ran, carrying her as a baby as she made her way out of the Moors as it was attacked. The tree warriors battled to give time for the Queen. _____ was in a black cloth wrapped around for safety.

The Queen wore a black cloak and she also has the same horns as her daughter, but ____ has a small pair of horns and small wings for now. She also had the same (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair. 

The baby cried as her mother held her close. "It's alright, Maleficent dear. You will live. I promise you that.

"I see her! GET HER!" One of the knights yelled as some of them starts chasing her. ____'s mother stopped as she hoped the knights was far as she started chanting, "Please find me a home fit for my daughter, as she will live until the knights shall no longer find her."
As she finished, the atmosphere and land changed to some more-modern looking place that was unlikely raining. She covered her daughter's face and ran a little more until she spotted a house. She slowly stopped in front of the entrance door as she waved her hand, making a small black floral basket and a piece of scroll with some writings on it. 

She crouched down and kissed her daughter's forehead, crying and saying her last words to her, 

"You shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, my child. Beloved by whoever may be behind the door. I love you, Maleficent." She placed the basket on the entrance floor, along with ____ or 'Maleficent' and the written scroll. Finally, she placed a small, green-glowing gem in the basket. She softly knocked the door and disappeared into shadows to face the knights back at the Moors.

A minute after the Queen left, there was a slight grumbling inside the house and the door swung opened. It revealed a middle-aged man holding an umbrella. He looked around left and right, as he about to close the door he looked down and saw an infant.

He opened the door widely and hovered the umbrella to cover her from getting wet. He crouched and took the paper and read;

'Dear finder, 

I have presume you have found my daughter. If you please, take care of her like she is 'special'. Cherish her and she may repay you by becoming your savior, a warrior even. The child's name is Maleficent, but do change to your current language name. There will be some changes of herself in the age of six. Bless you for thy kindness.

The mother of the Maleficent.'

The man was quite confused for the 'Shakespearean-like' writing but he pushed those thoughts away and brought her along with the basket in.

He placed the umbrella in an umbrella basket, the baby basket on the table as he found the gem. He sat on the couch, placing the gem on the paper beside him and 'Maleficent' on his lap. "Now, how in the world someone would place a darn baby on my porch?" He grumbled, "Well, can't leave you or send you to the adoption, might as well take care of ya'." He sighed as the baby hums and giggles, making the man smile a little.

"Well, your mother wants me to change your name from 'Maleficent'? I'll name you... ____. _____ Singer. Then, I'll be your.. 'dad', Bobby Singer. Welcome to your new home, squirt." He stood with the baby and took care of her.


-End of Flashback-

As ____ finished, the three boys noticed she had a few tears dropped and on her cheeks. Sam rubbed her back, "Maleficent? Why did she name you that?" 

"As far as I could remember, my previous and real father was a burden to my mother as she finds out he had another lady kept secretly. Unfortunately my mother was one of the most prettiest fairies, even humans can't resist. But, my father thought she was some sick and disguised witch. With her horns and black cloak. About my name, 'Maleficent' never meant anything to my mother, she actually wanted to name me Beneficent, but my father thought it was stupid and I looked exactly like her so they ended up calling me 'Maleficent'. Means those negative words just kills me. I'd rather have ___ as my name." She crossed her arms. 

"Bobby actually took care of you? Man, can't still believe that man has a heart." Dean muttered. 

"At least I have managed to meet someone who is almost as lost as me in the human race." Cas smile as she did the same thing after she wiped her tears.

"How did you remember this although you were just born, and how come we never met you way before? We've met Bobby quite a long time," Sam asked, felt concerned why they never met her earlier.

"Well, to answer you first question; The gem that dear 'Beastie' held was like a magic fortune teller." 

"Fortune teller?" Cas' eyebrows knitted together in confusion. 

"Like, a crystal ball. Whenever I held it and concentrate, it makes me remembers like a memory. It also gives me powers, strength and even protection. I leave it here in the house so it protects the house and even Bobby while I'm gone.."

"How about we listen to the second answer in the house? Pie for me!" Dean fist pumps the in the air as Sam facepalmed and _____ and Castiel chuckled.

The Winchester Brothers, the Angel and the Fairy went back down on the ground, with _____ carrying Sam and Castiel carrying Dean. As they entered, they saw Bobby drinking some beer and ate some food that the Winchester bought some for him. 

"Took you all long enough up there. You all haven't been smooching on her, did you?" He death-glared at the boys, especially to Dean as they three of them quickly shook their heads nervously. "Good, now come on. Food's gonna get cold if you don't eat." 

They all sat on the dining chairs and the brothers took their dinner, sandwich for Sam and hot dog for Dean. Cas and ____ just followed from behind and sat down. Bobby handed a packet of fries, "Fries?" She just shook and answered, "Not hungry." Bobby just placed the packet beside her in case she change her mind. She stood, grab a cup and filled the water with tap water. "Can you help grabbing some beer for us, ____?" 

"Of course." She grabbed some bottles after she placed the cup on the table and gave one each, she sat back down and drank the tap water.

"So ____, did Bobby know you were a fairy?" Dean asked before biting the wiener.

"No he didn't until I was 5, yes?" She looked back at Bobby as he just nodded.

"It's true, I find out those feathers around in the house that was coming from her. It started,.."

-When you were 5 years old..-

Bobby came back from hunting, he left ____ at home, warning her by locking the door and stab the person on the back if some 'idjit' comes in. (Best Dad's Advice Ever!) 

He called out, "____! I'm back!" No answer. "Hm, must be in her room.." He mumbled and shrugged as he walked to the living room. 

He then noticed some black feathers scattered around as a trail. He cursed, "Dammit, where did all this feathers coming from?!" 

Ever since ___'s Birthday passed 2 months ago, he noticed there will be at least a jumble of feather scattered anywhere as long as it's in the house. He was getting tired of this, he wasn't gonna play this stupid game of 'Hide and Seek' anymore.

He followed the trail that was from the living room until the backyard, he opened it; Revealing ____ with a pair of wings and a pair of horns.

Man, did he faint and took ____ 2 hours to explain from what her real mother was to what she is now.

When she became about 15 and so, Bobby became confident to bring ____ to hunting, which was no problem at all. 


Dean was laughing, "He actually fainted?" He laughed again until he choked on his hot dog and drank his beer.

Bobby rolled his eyes, "Idjit.." He muttered, ____ just giggles and pats his back.

"So, are you gonna tell us why we never see you earlier before?" Cas reminded as Bobby who instead answered,

"She usually goes out flying around while you were away and vice versa." Bobby said like it was obvious, earning himself a Bitch Face from Sam.

They had nothing else to talk about until Dean asked after he drank, "Do you wanna hunt with us, ____?" Boy, did Bobby's expression changed.
Hey, my dear Verges' and Bloss' Armies!~ Tasha's back! I didn't write anything yesterday because it was 'Report Card Day' and boy.. was my History horrible..
Anyways, like I promised: I made this story last week and I will update every Friday and Saturday (For U.S/Europe) or Saturday and Sunday (South East Asia/Asia).

And it's Fasting Month! Yes, meaning no food and water until 7 pm! :D Although I can't because I have the 'Girl's problem'. (If you know what I mean.)
And I found this cute GIF of a man showing a cat the way where it's 3 friends ran off to:

Well, hope this story is okay! Next chapter will be updated tomorrow! Watch, favorite and comment because you are AWESOME!~ Have a great Fasting month to the Muslims (like myself) and have a great weekend to the others!~ Bye! Brofist! :iconpewdiebrofistplz:

Oh, and here's the link to the first chapter of this story: vergeanneorblossdex.deviantart…
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Oh my gosh!!! This is sooooooooooo good, I hope you update soon.
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And, don't worry! There SHALL be more!~
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Ahaha... Report Card Day? Mine was on Friday... And I got a terrible fever during that day too. Other than that, this story made me laugh a few times. XD
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